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About us

Our guests are differentiating as an exclusive sector of Vietnam society; therefore, we offer the finest dining experiences centered on the most exclusive imported ingredients, prepared by the best chefs, in a luxurious dining setting, in a prestigious location with a spectacular view of the entire city.


To appreciate our clientele, the Truffle restaurant’s chefs (both foreigners and locals) work tirelessly to continually design and update the menu to always follow the art of our fusion cooking philosophy. Additionally, we only use the finest exclusive ingredients in the world: White Alba Truffle, Caviar, edible gold, Foie Gras, and Japanese A5 Kobe Beef, to enhance our culinary style - a fusion of the best in French and Italian cooking using ingredients found in Europe and Asia. Besides, we do respect our guests’ food choices, so we offer a vegan option on our menu to guarantee the best experience.


Behind the successful journey of a sophisticated taste that lasts in our clienteles’ memories is the passion for luxury cuisine and motivation to create the special WOW experiences from our CEO - Ms Julia Kliuchnikova who wanted to share her experiences of unforgettable food and amazing culinary presentations all over the world. Seeing happy and satisfied guests who have thoroughly enjoyed Truffle Saigon as well as keeping coming back are the two happiest moments for our restaurant even though this is a very challenging industry in Vietnam.

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